An experience happens in the person experiencing it. It sounds ridiculously obvious, but understanding it makes all the difference. That’s why we obsess about purpose, emotions, logistics, dynamics, timing, details, details, details… to accurately craft real experiences that resonate with real people. With our best practice working ways and top-of-the-class project managers and creators – we have engineered these experiences since 2006. Because we know them to be powerful business differentiators –  turning customers into fans, employees into ambassadors and businesses into success stories.


Ciceron Studios is our in-house studio encapsulating a range of creative services and production expertise. In art direction, video & photography, motion graphics, live-streaming, sound design, editing and post-production. A pillar of our business and one of our superpowers in delivering emotive brand experiences. As a part of larger events and campaigns. Or as individual content productions.


SIS-uh-rohns – it’s what we call our people. And it is a real word. Ish. Cicerone (with an ‘e’) is an old term for guide, fitting to our origin in tailor-made group travels. We quickly realized that what made the travels unique, even more so than world wide gems, adventures and access – were our people. Smart, genuine, inspiring people creating bonds as second nature. People you feel good being around. These origins of service, care and passion to wow others are still embedded in our DNA. It has shaped our view on company culture, on branding and on heartfelt experiences creating brand loyalty. 

Today our business areas have expanded. A handful of individuals have turned into a growing global family. Still. That special dedication of each individual, whether in our studio, on a retail floor or in a busy Rabat square is what sets us apart. What turns our projects into great experiences. 

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    Lenovo tablets: 2nd in market share