About Us

Ciceron Group is an award winning agency. A homely home filled with love, curiosity and experience. Experience in design, storytelling and production. A collective of passionate professionals creating emotive experiences for humans and brands. 

Because it is what we love and know. Because we believe in great shared experiences as the ultimate differentiator propelling business and people growth.

Ciceron Credo

Human above all

It’s easy to get lost in the buzz. To be blinded by a complex world, self-serving systems and conventions. Breaking News: we are all just humans creating stuff for humans. Basic as it may sound, remembering this is our secret sauce. In being nice to work with. In being a good employer. In creating experiences that make the participant feel something.


We are passionate about exploring, surprising, and evoking emotions. We believe in the power of creativity to move hearts and minds. However, it’s by combining that creativity with research and data that we can successfully solve our clients’ challenges, and demonstrate the effect.


Although it makes us sound like obnoxious 4-year olds, we never get tired of asking why. Because understanding not just our client, nor where they want to go but also why, is crucial to taking them there in the best possible way. It allows us to reason from first principles, to employ our entire toolbox and to stress test every step of the way against what we’ve set out to do.


We are networkers at the core. Not business card super-spreaders, but believers in radical inclusion, teamwork and collaboration. This has allowed us to create and curate an impressive network of renowned partner agencies, construction artists, hollywood directors, marketing professors, flower experts….our Ciceron family if you will. This philosophy allows us to tap into the collective power of the many and bring about the great teamwork that best achieves the goal. 

What people say

  • Ciceron has contributed with expertise in pre-production by processing ideas, packaging the concept and nailing down the target audience. But also on set with project management, coordination and guiding the team towards a common goal. It also shows through the screen, that it’s sharp, good and interesting.

    Christoffer Börjesson, Chief Digital Officer, Fastighetsägarna
  • The whole production was amazing! I felt like I was watching CNN!”

    PayPal Employee
  • Your eye for detail is the best in the world. I love working with you, I’m always 200% convinced of your delivery. It makes it so easy for me! Really – ALL the Cicerons are so wonderful to be around. Your energy and passion can’t be measured, you make me happy.

    Frida Nilsson, Ericsson, Global Experience & Events Manager Ericsson
  • I have never been this “wow’ed” as I was at this event. Many thanks for your work with our conference. Without you, this would never have been possible. You have delivered and inspired on a level, beyond all expectations. 

    OMG <3 Ciceron

    Event Manager, OMG
  • What truly sets Ciceron apart is their commitment to service above all.

    Sven-Åke Damgaard, Vice President, Ericsson