Meet the fam

Cecilia Sandström

co-CEO & Partner

+46 76 202 61 61

Expertise: Initiator
Best destination in Sweden: Hotel Pater Noster
I prefer to eat: Oysters
Word I often use: ”Synk”
Favorite possession: My little sailboat, Mayo

Shirin Aliyar

co-CEO & Partner

+46 72 150 40 67

Expertise: Multitasking with an eye for details
Best destination abroad: Vouliagmeni
I prefer to eat: Italian olives
Word I often use: ”Hundra procent”
Role model: Malalas mamma

Sofia Norelius


+46 72 199 96 82

Expertise: Contracts, budgets and creative concepts
Best concert: Brad Paisley – with matching boots, hat, checkered shirt and a beer
Best destination abroad: Love West Africa, very underrated!
On my bucket list: Kilimanjaro
Best life hack: Meditate, create and read

Amanda Nathorst Windahl

Head of Production

+46 70 456 66 10

Expertise: People person with an obsession for planning sheets
Best concert: Spice Girls 1998
Best life hack: Portabel charger to every occasion
Hidden talent: Music Quiz pro
Word I use: KANON

Camilla Brasch


+46 72 573 99 62

Expertise: Analyzing numbers
Best Series: Succession
Best destination in Sweden: Dalarna
On my bucket list: Move abroad with my family
Best life hack: Always bring snacks

Sofia Lidgren

Head of Sales

+46 73 539 03 66

Expertise: People person with a spark
Best destination abroad: Every inch of Italy
Hidden Talent: Card game magician
Gives me energy: New places and new impressions
Favorite Holiday: Chrismukkah!
Johan Österman

Head of Studios

+46 72 961 02 00

Expertise: Problem solving
Favourite food: French fries
Role Model: Whitney Houston
Best lifehack: Tuck your shirt in under your underwear (I don’t use shirts really, but still)
Words I often use: “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage..”
Ann-Sofie Fällman

Head of Production Studios

+46 73 985 17 11

Expertise: Queen of Excel with an eye for details
Gives me energy: Spectacular views
On my bucket list: Build a house
Word I often use: Absolut!
Best destination in Sweden: The archipelago of Stockholm
Christian Palm

Business Development Director & Founder

+46 70 867 87 30

Expertise: Creator of opportunities
Hidden Gem: Strand Bookstore in NY
Best Movie: Everything by Wes Anderson
Favorite book: Togetherness
Preferred Workout: BJJ

Andreas Palm


+46 70 461 12 11

Expertise: Sällsynt snabb på att reka nya destinationer
Hidden gem: Dalen utanför Ubud
Best book: Stillness is the key
Hidden talent: Räknar blixtsnabbt antal bokstäver i alla ord jag läser
Gives me energy: Skog, hav och berg

Linnéa Isaksson

People & Culture Manager

+46 73 334 08 48

Expertise: Conversation starter
Hidden gem: The sauna at Borgagården, Borgafjäll
Best concert: Håkan Hellström, Ullevi 2014
Best destination in Sweden: Höga Kusten
Role model: Jane Fonda

Anna Widmark

Account Manager & Ciceron

+46 70 471 26 93

Expertise: To find beauty in people/situations/things
Hidden gem: Lilla Fridhem, Ellös
Hidden talent: Power naps
Favorite holiday: A place I’ve never been before
Role model: Grandpa Rune

Anna Soldatic Sganzerla

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

+46 76 177 19 55

Expertise: Great listener
Hidden Gem: Jerry Thomas, Rome
Best destination abroad: Porec, Croatia
Dinner: Italian cuisine
Best movie: All Harry potter movies

Armin Morsal

Creative Producer

+46 70 787 92 57

Expertise: Numbers, Music, People 
Hidden talent: Can identify your perfume
Best movie: Bridesmaids
Word I often use: Fett! 
Role model: Mom
Sandra Holmsten

Senior Project Manager

+46 70 396 76 15

Expertise: A solver of problems
Best destination in Sweden: Stockholm Archipelago
Favorite holiday: Climb a mountain
Gives me energy: Exploring nature with my family
Word I often use: Exakt
Sara Abdirisak

New Business Manager

+46 70 796 51 70

Expertise: A charming problem solver
Hidden gem: Bosses glassbar
Best concert: Coachella 2017
Hidden talent: Crazy discount hunter
Best life hack: Always carrying candy on the move!

Tua Solax

Production Manager

+46 76 207 50 67

Paulina Casado

Production Manager

+46 70 407 70 66

Expertise: An eye for details
Best series: That 70’s show
Favorite holiday: Disney World
Gives me energy: Exploring new places and hanging out with animals
Best concert: TOO MANY GOOD ONCE
Emelie Stockhaus

Senior Project Manager & Producer

+46 70 492 79 25

Expertise: Talking
Best concert: Blur, Glastonbury festival 2009
Gives me energy: Horses
Hidden gem: The table at Ramsvik island
Best series: Fleabag
Aline Bennour

Production Manager

+46 734 62 26 11

Expertise: Multi creative
Best destination abroad: Sri Lanka
Gives me energy: Nature, adventure & animals
Favorite possesion: My Dog
On my bucketlist: Create a world tour for an artist; Choreography, set design, everything
Axel Karlsson

Senior Creative

+46 70 378 57 53

Expertise: Creative Wizard
Best destination in Sweden: Silvermuseet in Arjeplog
Hidden talent: Hablo español
Favorite thing: My son
New Year’s resolution: Start using hats

Malin Berggren Lundell

Project Manager - parental leave

+46 73 153 04 12

Expertise: Creating unmissable experiences
Best destination abroad: Tokyo & Chief’s Island in Botswana
On my bucketlist: Svalbard
I prefer to eat: Cinnamon buns
Best life hack: Check lists

Heidi Trang

Project Coordinator

+46 76 216 02 75

Expertise: Amateur therapist
Best concert: Veronica Maggio, Peace & Love 2012
On my bucket list: Live in a warm place by the sea in a minivan
I prefer to eat: Pizza och Vietnamese spring rolls
Role models: Mum and my grandmothers

Antonia Sjöstedt

Creative Production Designer

+46 72 230 73 12

Expertise: Color & shapes
Preferred Workout: Crossfit
Best life hack: Be kinder than you have to be
Gives me energy: Competitions and coffee
Favorite possession: The fire extinguisher

Robin Olofsson

Production Manager

+46 72 370 45 07

Expertise: Appreciate small things in life
Hidden Gem: Knäbäckshusen strand
Best destination abroad: Lisbon
Word I often use: Grymt
Dinner: Italian cuisine
Helene Hedenstrand

Project Manager

+46 73 322 10 33

Expertise: Make shit happen
Hidden talent: Air-drums
On my bucket list: See a blue whale live
Favorite holiday: Sailing anywhere in the world
Best lifehack: Learn how to take power naps anywhere

Maria Stappe

Project Manager

+46 73 676 78 81

Expertise: Typing fast as Super Sonic on the keybord
Role Model: My mom
Favorite holiday: Easter
Dinner: A smashed cheeseburger… or a plate of seafood
Hidden talent: I can touch my nose with my tongue

Sofia Strid

Project Manager

+46 70 519 44 05

Expertise: Mood enhancer
Gives me energy: The ocean and happy people
Dinner: Everything with truffle
Best concert: Beyoncé – The Formation World Tour 2016
Word I often use: OMG

Sinead Kane


Expertise: Creative problem solver
Hidden talent: I know almost all F1 Grand Prix from 2008 by heart
Best movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Best life hack: Always have gorilla tape and a glue gun at home
Gives me energy: Chunky cute bulldogs on Instagram
Linn Saadon


Expertise: Handle all kind of people
Best destination abroad: Cinque Terre
Gives me energy: The ocean
Favorite holiday: Pancake day
Role Model: My mum
Joel Samuelsson


Expertise: Mingle
Best destination abroad: Rio de Janeiro (during carnival)
Hidden talent: I know the flags of all countries in the world
Gives me energy: Having a good time with amazing people
Best concert: Håkan Hellström Ullevi 2016
Chaplin Jannelli


Expertise: Make things work!
Best destination in Sweden: Falkenberg
Hidden talent: I make lovely cocktails
Gives me energy: The sun and the nature!
On my bucketlist: Skydiving
Elin Hakimi


Expertise: Trend master
Hidden gem: Långbryggan, Rättvik
Best Movie: Any Jane Austen movie
Best destination in Sweden: Rammsjöstrand
Favorite possession: My Waldersten painting

Ida Wåhlberg


Expertise: Handle ice under my blades and in a shaker
Hidden gem: Manhattan beach
Gives me energy: People
Best concert: Jon Bellion 2019
Best series: The Office
Karolina Kitti


Expertise: People
Best destination in Sweden: Brännö
Gives me energy: Nature & friends
Role model: My mom
On my bucketlist: Skydiving
Johanna Gretzer


Expertise: F&B-wizz
Dinner: Kagges
I prefer to eat: Hotdog
Word I often use: ”Gött”
Gives me energy: Happy people

Mathilda Lundkvist


Expertise: Writing songs
Best series: Fargo
Best destination abroad: Sardinia
Favourite candy: Lindt Chocolate
Best life hack: TipTapp

Angelica Sundström


Expertise: I make people happy
Hidden talent: Rubik’s cube
On my bucketlist: Paragliding
Gives me energy: People
Best lifehack: Always bring my ”discolampa” to level up the party
Ebba Malmqvist


Expertise: Random unnecessary facts
Gives me energy: People and caffeine
Hidden talent: I can do the splits
Word i often use: Prima!
Best lifehack: A big smile and positive energy solves everything
Isabelle Ljunggren


Expertise: Music quizzes
Hidden gem: Loutro, Kreta
Best holiday: Swedish Midsummer
Favorite candy: Chocolate almond with cinnamon
Best life hack: Dip the chocolate almond in tea or coffee and eat slooowly

Mimmi Strömbäck


Expertise: Draw houses
Preferred destination abroad: Italy has everything
Best holiday: Swedish Midsummer
Favourite candy: Chocolate, always chocolate!
Dinner: Grus Grus

Josefin Lundberg


Expertise: Floral design

Favorite holiday: I love christmas!
Dinner: Café nizza
Best series: Sopranos
Best concert: Broder John at Trädgården summer -22
Hampus Fritzdorf


Expertise: Work
Hidden gem: An island in the archipelago
Best destination in Sweden: Arlanda
Best holiday: Midsummer
Dinner: Temaki in all shapes

Sandra Silfver


Expertise: Better than necessary at song lyrics
Best series: DEVS on HBO
On my bucket list: Diving certificate
Dinner: Scalini, Chelsea/London
Favourite thing: Don’t go anywhere without my scrapbook!

Kevin Austin


Expertise: Remembers weird stuff
Hidden gem: In my hammock in Canggu
Best destination in Sweden: The west coast
Best holiday: The Cinnamon Bun Day
Role model: Woody (Toy Story)

Sofia Åkerlind


Expertise: Social genius who can also do a headstand
Hidden gem: Itacaré, Brazil
Best series: Black Mirror & American Horror Story
Dinner: Coco & Carmen
Favourite possession: My phone

Isabelle Norberg


Expertise: Get shit done
Preferred workout: Soccer
Best destination in Sweden: Winter holiday in Norrland
Hidden talent: Know pretty much all Swedish songs
New Year’s resolution: Exercise 105 times in 2021