Through ’Dazzle with Nelly’ we encouraged people to shine in their unique way and brought the fashion party usually reserved for an elite, to the unsung brand champions – the consumers.

Behind the concept

The Nelly brand is all about inclusive fashion and fun. To bring it to life, we conceived the concept Dazzle with Nelly. To celebrate all beauty, to engage consumers, to democratize the fashion party. The multi-format campaign encapsulated several activities playing upon each other to enhance the message and effect. The audience was the brand’s many dedicated consumers that got the opportunity to experience an exclusive experience usually reserved for the few.

The Dazzle Game

Consumers were invited to engage with the brand in a playful way, via the game unique to the campaign launched on Nelly.com where consumers could win tickets to the Dazzle with Nelly Party! The only way to attend the party was by winning one of the 400 available tickets in the game.


The Dazzle with Nelly party was filled with the most maxed out Nelly experiences: glam stations, photo booths, pop-up shop, accessories station to dazzle up outfits, photo friendly decor environment, candy store, entertainments and a fashion show with both celebs and Nelly.com’s customers. The fashion show was live streamed on their website with the interactive possibility to pre-order pieces from the new collection.

30 000

Engaged customers in the Dazzle Game

All Time High

SoMe engagement on campaign posts and event content.

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