Doing good is the new cool. Together with Norrsken we created Impact Week to get the message across everywhere.

Impact Week

Together with Norrsken, we set out to create a first ever Nordic startup competition and award focusing purely on social entrepreneurship. Not just an award but an activity filled week putting change-maker startups in the spotlight from every angle. A week contributing to Norrsken’s overarching goal of creating awareness and directing engagement towards entrepreneurship making the world better. By an innovative take on an industry award, cutting-edge experiences for interconnected target groups (Students, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Press) – Impact Week showed that social entrepreneurship can be not only laudable, but inspiring, relevant and value adding.

Getting the word out

It all started with Norrsken’s “Impact-100 list” of a hundred nominated tech-startups revealed at Åre Business Summit and picked up by the press. At the same time “100 drum solos for impact” uniquely presented each company across social media. The campaign site attracted almost 70,000 and others learnt about it through a digital or print media contributing to the largely organic spread.

When entering an activity throughout the week, an experience tunnel illustrating world problems and solutions by video, tech, decor let all guests experience Norrskens key credo, rather than reading a pamphlet

Demo Day

During Demo Day press and business representatives were invited to a whole-day conference with presentations from tech companies and Norrsken. Through content, entertaining intermissions, quick format shifts and a mingle with custom lightning the day stood out against similar seminars.


The biggest Impact Startup Career Fair in the Nordics was created as part of the week. A Hackaton was created where in a novel un-conference format the whole program was handed over to the participants to co-create.


A Venture Capital Dinner was created where investors and changemakers were invited to a unique dinner in Norrsken’s empty garage void of cars.


Through a short and well produced award-show all taking place standing up we showed that an innovative Gala-format was possible without losing the feeling of pride, prestige and grandeur. Three winners were presented with graphical content, a performance and synchronized effect. After the ceremony a party seamlessly ensued where the experience shifted in phases throughout the night. A well-orchestrated show using sound, lighting and colors

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