About Us

Established in 2006 at SSE Business Lab, the Ciceron Group is a brand emotions agency helping businesses from all industries build and strengthen their brands. We help our clients bolster their businesses by reinforcing the relationship between their brands and the people who matter most to them.

Both our two divisions, Ciceron Emotions and Ciceron Sales, have been designed to strengthen our clients’ brands and improve their performance.


Articulating a brand’s emotional identity helps create purpose and commitment on a higher level. But it takes those special WOW moments to instill real loyalty and motivation. We are here to help you inject energy and strategic direction in your next conference, kick-off, summer party, customer event, product launch or exhibition.


We are your best choice for improving sales, both internally and externally, for staff, partner or retailer/vendor. We design and execute sales contests, sales portals, motivation lectures, sales promotion activities and retail processing. We support you all the way – from designing, communicating and implementing the activity to monitoring and measuring the outcome of the activity.

Please contact us for further information at +46(8) 50 10 71 10 or info@cicerongroup.com